EKOFILM is an international film festival about the environment. It’s the oldest film festival on environmental issues in Europe. The theme of this year’s 42nd film festival is Water – Drought.

The international film festival about the environment, EKOFILM 2016 will be held from 13 – 15 October 2016 in Brno.

EKOFILM was established in 1974 when it broke away from the Techfilm Festival, where a strong section of documentaries on the environment helped create an independent festival. The first EKOFILM festival was held in Ostrava, then Český Krumlov, and this year, for the first time, it moves to the birthplace of most major Czech environmental activities – Brno.

Above all, the festival presents independent documentaries on the problems and global issues of environmental protection. It attracts positive and like-minded personalities that have given the festival its unique and specific atmosphere.

Quality films in the EKOFILM competition and non-competition section are an important source of the latest information on the state of nature and the environment in various countries for a wide range of viewers, and in many cases provide details on the solution of major environmental cases.

„Our vision is to create a tradition of a successful international environmental film festival. A festival with both cultural and educative merit as well as with wide range of visitors. A festival that will be entertaining either prestigious.“

Ladislav Miko, chairman of the Ekofilm festival, DG Health & Consumers Deputy Director