EKOFILM is an international film festival on the environment and natural and cultural heritage. Its 40-year history makes it the oldest environmentally focused film festival in Europe. This year’s 41st annual festival addresses the subjects of Waste and Waste Sorting.

The International film festival EKOFILM 2015, will take place from
December 3 – 5, 2015 in Brno.

EKOFILM was established in 1974 with the breaking away from the Techfilm festival, in which the robust section of programs on the environment contributed to the creation of an independent festival. The first EKOFILM was held in Ostrava, followed by Cesky Krumlov and, for the first time, this year it will move to the birthplace of most of the important Czech environmental activities – to Brno.

For its attendees, the festival primarily presents independent documentaries on the issues and global problems relating to protection of the environment. It agglomerates positively tuned personalities who lend the festival its unique image.

EKOFILM, through excellent competing and non-competing films, provides an important source of the latest information on the state of nature and the environment in various countries around the world to a wide spectrum of viewers, and in many instances it also presents the facts on the resolution of serious environmental cases.