Journey to the Safest Place on Earth

The lethal, highly radioactive nuclear waste from decades of nuclear power use is to be disposed of in final repositories for centuries to come. Safe places are being searched for throughout the world to this end. For 35 years, the Swiss-British nuclear physicist, Charles McCombie, has headed this mission as a top expert working for international organisations. Director Edgar Hagen examines the limitations and contradictions of this global quest. Nuclear power advocates and opponents face up to this responsibility and struggle for solutions. Dogmatic attitudes become unstable.

Edgar Hagen was born in 1958 in Basel. He studied philosophy and German language and literature at the University of Basel and Berlin Free University, where he graduated with an MA in 1987, writing his final dissertation on general ethics. After spending several years as a journalist and a dramatic adviser in the theatre, he began to work as an independent filmmaker in 1989. In 2000 he began lecturing on cinematic and documentary storytelling. He has been a board member of the Swiss Filmmakers Association (ARF/FDS) since 2010 and became head of the documentary film directing department at FOCAL, the Foundation for Professional Training in Cinema and Audiovisual Media) in 2013. He has two sons and lives in Basel.


  • Země původu: Switzerland
  • Rok výroby, délka: 2013, 100 min
  • Režie: Edgar Hagen
  • Další nutné info: Documentary, Script: Edgar Hagen, Production: Mira Film GmbH


  • 4. 12. 2015 - 17:00 Governor’s Palace (Baroque Saal) (Journey to the Safest Place on Earth)