Ekofilm 2018

The range to choose from will be more than generous! EKOFILM has over 2,000 films registered

Authors from all over the world are eager to see their films at EKOFILM as can be seen from the host of movies registered this year. The exact count is 2,252 - including the unbelievable 276 of the India’s origin. 

Czech filmmakers submitted thirty movies, which is significantly more than the previous year. Of all the festival categories, Short Films is going to see the largest portion of work with the 2,043 shots registered, which is certainly a wonderful prospect.

The jury headed by Chief Programme Manager Petr Horák will have a lot of work to do in the coming months. Each of the submitted films will be watched by at least two members of the evaluator team of eight heads who then will (or will not) recommend that the film moves to the next round. The objective of the panel is to select a maximum of 25 “best of” - films that will compete in three categories, i.e., The Beauties of Nature, Central European Films, and Short Films. The Programme Department can definitely expect busy months; yet revealing what films you are to enjoy will not take place later than in the late school-break this summer.

Number of films registered: 2,252
Number of Czech films registered: 30
Number of Slovak films registered: 2

The country of the highest number of films registered: India; a total of 276 films

Number of films submitted as part of The Beauties of Nature: 179
Number of films submitted as part of Central European Films: 45
Number of films submitted as part of Short Films: 2,043

11. 5. 2018