Ministry of the Environment


EKOFILM is an international film festival about the environment, natural and cultural heritage. It brings a wide range of viewers the latest findings about the condition of nature and the environment in various countries of the world and in many cases facts about dealing with serious issues. EKOFILM is gaining increasing acclaim at international level. It is among the oldest environmental film festivals in the world and is a significant platform for encounters between the general public and film creators, experts and the state administration. Several foreign experts attend the festival and in the last three years more than 2000 films were entered each year.

The main theme of the festival for 2021 is Green Architecture with a clain ADDRESS: PLANET EARTH. Festival's aim is to highlight the fact we have only one planet as our common home, not only with other people but above all with nature. 


EKOFILM is held under the auspices of Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Jan Grolich, Regional Council President of the South Moravian Region, Markéta Vaňková, the Mayor of Brno, Vojtěch Mencl, the Mayor of the city district Brno-střed, Martin Bareš, rector of Masaryk University and Danuše Nerudová, rector of Mendel University.