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Forests in Focus


The „Není les jako les“ contest is one of the largest Czech environmental photo contests. Its key theme are the forests and our relationship with them. The aim of the contest is to support and promote sustainable and close-to-nature forest management as well as responsible wood product consumerism.

This year will mark the announcement of the seventh edition of the contest. The previous edition, held in year 2018, received more than three thousand photo submissions from contestants who competed in three categories “Wood in our hands”, “Forest and tree” and “Humans in forest”. The winning prizes featured professional cameras and additional photo equipment from the contest’s main sponsor – Canon. The EKOFILM exposition features all nine of the award-winning photos (three per each category) on large-print panels.

The photo contest is held annually by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Czech Republic organization. Among the main messages the organization wishes to highlight through the contest to the wide public is the gravity of the threat posed upon Czech forests by the global climate change, whose negative effects have already become clearly visible in the last few years. The deterioration of water balance, drought, bark beetle calamities and large-scale degradation of unstable tree monocultures – all these are the direct product of the climate change.

One of the most frequently mentioned measures in the context of forest adaptation to climate change is the support for utilization of close-to-nature methods of forest management, which take advantage of natural forest renewal, limit the use of clear-cuts and promote growing forests with their natural tree species mix. Thanks to the utilization of these methods, the close-to-nature forest are stronger, healthier and more resilient against the negative impacts of global climate change. FSC has been a persistent promoter and supporter of these forest management methods in Czech Republic.

For more information on the previous as well as the current edition of the photo contest, click here. The exhibition is in the FSS's atrium from 30th September to 12th October.