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Spirits I've called: The Journey of Steel

Through an intimate observation of the three protagonists’ daily life, in three symbolic places of a global production, the film describes the impact of the mining and steel industry on the fragile natural balances and on the health of people living close to the production sites. Moreover, it shows the personal effort that each of the three protagonists makes against the blind exploitation of human and natural resources, devoted to an endless over-consumption.

director: Chiara Sambuchi language: German, Italian, Portuguese
origin: Germany subtitles: English, Czech
year: 2019 competing category: Central European films
duration: 60 min  


  • 27. 11. 2020 21:00 - Sál společenského centra ÚMČ Brno-střed, Dominikánská 2, 601 69 Brno Add to my schedule | Book