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Our Hope Remains Green – Two Families are Fighting for Their Forest

This documentary tells the dramatic change in the German forest from the perspective of two families who live from forest management. Many consecutive hot and dry summers in a row have seriously affected the forests, and there is also a bark beetle plague that has never been seen in these regions before. For both families, the death of their forests is not just an existential catastrophe. They perceive every death of an old tree as a personal failure to their ancestors, who planted the trees many generations ago. However, a young generation of forest owners and foresters can also see an opportunity in the disaster: they now have the ambition to create a new German forest that can withstand climate change.

directorsKatharina Gugel, Ulf Eberle, Brigitte Klos language: German
origin: Germany subtitles: Czech, English
year: 2020 competing category: Central European films
duration: 43 min  


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