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Protozoon – Czech 3D printed house

What do you have to do to get a robot to print a house? In 2020, Protozoon became the first 3D printed concrete house in the Czech Republic. A team led by the sculptor and visionary Michal Trpák managed to master/control the technology of the future within ten months. The documentary maps out the innovators’ path from metre-high trial walls through setbacks and on to the triumphal passage of Protozoon under Charles Bridge.

directorVeronika Menschiková language: Czech
origin: Česká republika subtitles: -
year: 2021 noncompeting movie 
duration: 43 min  


Remember that nature is powerful and sometimes the smallest creatures have the greatest power. Viruses. Therefore, please do not forget that you must wear a respirator at internal events and prove yourself with a certificate of vaccination or infectivity before entering. More info here.