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Landscape for Life


The fifth annual conference Landscape for Life will focus on environmental education. Participants will learn to look at landscapes from various points of view – forestry, agriculture, ecology, aesthetics, preservation. We will explore the LANDSCAPE OF THE FUTURE which can protect the land from floods, droughts, decreasing biodiversity and the effects of climate change. It can also help to return water to nature and attract people thanks to its colourfulness and picturesqueness… And we will focus on INSPIRATION FOR EDUCATION ABOUT LANDSCAPE – inspiration for educators why, how and what to teach about landscape.

We would like to invite mainly employees of organisations focusing on environmental education/advisory, public officials, pedagogues and expert public. 

You can find more here (in Czech).


Remember that nature is powerful and sometimes the smallest creatures have the greatest power. Viruses. Therefore, please do not forget that you must wear a respirator at internal events and prove yourself with a certificate of vaccination or infectivity before entering. More info here.


  • 21. 10. 2021 09:00 - BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel International Brno, Husova 16/200, 602 00 Brno Add to my schedule