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Workshop for recycling Tetra-pak products: wallets and bird houses with green roofs


Drink cartons end up in our bins on a daily basis and recycling them is quite demanding. However, with a little bit of patience, you can use them to make useful items such as wallets and birdhouses. Inspired by this year’s theme “green architecture,” we will decorate the houses with flowers and make their roofs functional. If you have good hands, and ideally empty drink cartons too, you’ll manage it! Come and learn something practical for one’s life and also do something nice for the planet.

No reservation is required, come anytime between 2 pm and 6 pm!


Remember that nature is powerful and sometimes the smallest creatures have the greatest power. Viruses. Therefore, please do not forget that you must wear a respirator at internal events and prove yourself with a certificate of vaccination or infectivity before entering. More info here.