Ministry of the Environment

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I sort, you sort, we sort ... and we win


Separating waste is no rocket science. Come and learn more at the kiosk of the Ministry of the Environment. Both children and adults can look forward to various quizzes and prizes. In addition to certainty that you know how to separate waste, you can also take home small colourful dustbins, magnets, PEXESO cards, games and practical recycling bags.

We will also remind you why separating waste is so important for our planet. It helps keep resources in circulation, thus protecting the nature, mineral resources and the energy that would be needed to extract and process them.

No reservation required, come anytime on Saturday 23 October between 10 am and 4 pm.


Remember that nature is powerful and sometimes the smallest creatures have the greatest power. Viruses. Therefore, please do not forget that you must wear a respirator at internal events and prove yourself with a certificate of vaccination or infectivity before entering. More info here.