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Excursion at the Institute of Global Change Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences - CzechGlobe is a European centre of excellence investigating ongoing global change and its impacts on the biosphere and human society. The research focuses in particular on climate change and its future scenarios, the carbon cycle and the impacts of changing conditions on the production and biodiversity of ecosystems and the implications for development and societal behaviour.

Given the theme of this year's EKOFILM, which is water, colleagues from the Landscape Ecosystem Services Analysis Department will demonstrate the interlinkages between ecosystem services through several practical demonstrations. They will show the link between the character of agricultural land use, the ecological condition of water formations and the impact of selected nature-based measures to mitigate the effects of environmental change.

The entrance to CzechGlobe is from Bělidla Street. If you go from Mendlova Square along Křížová Street and turn right in front of the Faculty of Architecture.


  • 5. 10. 2023 17:00 - Global Change Research Institute CAS, Bělidla 986/4a, 603 00 Brno Add to my schedule | Book