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It Begins

A sacrificed generation? At the beginning of 2019, young people are taking to the streets all over the world to warn of the climate emergency. In Switzerland, young people are demonstrating and questioning the system. As their voices begin to resonate, the arrival of the coronavirus in 2020 abruptly cuts their momentum and silences them. The film intimately follows these activists through the euphoria of the first demonstrations and the spleen of the health crisis. It asks us, young and old, about our relationship with this collapsing world and how we can envision a future for all generations together.

directorFrédéric Choffat language: French
originSwitzerland subtitles: Czech, English
year: 2022 competing category: Central European Film
duration: 92 min  


  • 14. 10. 2022 12:45 - Sál společenského centra ÚMČ Brno-střed, Dominikánská 2, Brno Add to my schedule | Book