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Generation Change. Who saves the world?

I’m Sarah, I’m a climate activist and honestly, I’m on the verge of giving up! Together with thousands of young people I’ve been going out on the street for years now, we’ve been demonstrating for more climate protection, for our future, for a liveable planet. However, it seems nothing is changing. I’ll go on a journey, by train across Europe – from Poland to Portugal. I’ll show you places where climate change is already a reality today, but also young people with really good ideas, who really believe that we can still save the Earth and take matters into our own hands. People who surely save me, and maybe also you, from giving up.

directorVanessa Böttcher languageGerman, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
originAustria subtitles: Czech, English
year: 2022 competing category: Central European Film
duration: 80 min  

The film was made by Vanessa Böttcher on behalf of Südwind.