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Organized Wilderness

Denmark ranks second as the most cultivated country in the world, right after Bangladesh, and over the last 20 years, 80 percent of local species are extinct. Now is the time to do something about it and help biodiversity back on track. Organized Wilderness follows Denmark’s largest rewilding project in Hammer Bakker in the Northern Jutland and examines the confusion that arises as we humans try to restore our connection with nature. Where is the line between nature and culture? Can humans work together to bring back nature? And ultimately, how wild do we want nature to be?

directorPhie Ambo language: Danish
origin: Denmark subtitles: Czech, English
year: 2022 competing category: Visions of Nature
duration: 55 min  


  • 7. 10. 2023 19:00 - Sál společenského centra ÚMČ Brno-střed, Dominikánská 2, Brno Add to my schedule | Book