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Water Lost and Returned

An emotional artistic documentary about the return of wetlands to the landscape of the Šumava National Park. The unique shots of Radek Plíhal, captured during a three-year filming in the fascinating environment of Šumava, completed with the music of Lenka Dusilová and Petr Ostrouchov, tell the story of water. The story of her journey starting in the forest springs, wet meadows and bogs, passing through the streams to the river floodplain. The story of her deliberate damnation not long ago and the efforts of hundreds of people to bring it back. The film depicts the fundamental importance of water for the landscape, nature and for the unceasingly diverse life it brings.

directorRadek Plíhal language: Czech
originCzech Republic subtitles: English
year: 2023 competing category: Visions of Nature
duration: 35 min