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Down To The Last Drop

This documentary film deals with the planned construction of a new hydropower plant chain that is to extend over the entire Ötztal Alps. These interventions would also irrevocably change the Ötztaler Ache - the last major glacier river in Austria that has not been massively affected by energy use. And all this in the midst of the biodiversity crisis and the looming climate catastrophe. The more we learn about these great crises of our time the more we understand the situation - do we really want to still be using old recipes?

directorHarry Putz languageEnglish, German
originAustria subtitles: Czech, English
year: 2023 competing category: Visions of Nature
duration: 30 min  


  • 7. 10. 2023 14:30 - Sál společenského centra ÚMČ Brno-střed, Dominikánská 2, Brno Add to my schedule | Book