Ministry of the Environment


How to Improve Your Water Quality Every Day

A discussion (in Czech language) with researcher Diana Siswartonová, who has been investigating vital water quality for many years. She specializes primarily in improving water quality using sustainable methods and technologies that mimic nature. She actively puts her knowledge and findings into practice. She founded the company Aqualibrium Ltd. and is engaged in consulting in the field of non-chemical water treatment, application and promotion of water technologies.
At Saturday's meeting within the Family Day with EKOFILM at the Brno Zoo, you will learn more about water and its potential than you would expect, find out what whirlpool technologies are, taste the difference between drinking and structured water and take away valuable inspiration for everyday life. Audiences of all generations are welcome. 
The talk is part of the EKOFILM Family Day at Zoo Brno. The entrance fee to the Zoo is a symbolic 70 CZK during the discussion.