Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2019

Let's meet our film jury!

A jury of experts will decide on the winners of these awards: Best film in Beuty of Nature, Best film in Central European Films, Best film in Short Films plus the President of the festival will award 1 film and the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic as well! The results will be announced on 11th October 2019 in the evening. This year’s jury is composed as follows:

Irene Lucius, the Regional Conservation Director of WWF Central and Eastern Europe and board member of Ecomove International, a network of environmental film festivals

Michael Havas, Czech-New Zealand filmmaker

Milan Hulán, populariser of the environmental education

Olga Menzelová, producer and fundraiser, owner and CEO of MEDIALOGUE, s.r.o.

Blažena Hrušková, an author, implementor and consultant on a range of projects in the area of protection of nature and landscape, education and the interpretation of local heritage

Jan Svatoš, movie director

Martin Čech, cameraman and documentarian

19. 8. 2019