Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2019

Who will get into the top 25? EKOFILM is welcoming filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films

The oldest international film festival on the environment is now accepting submissions until April 30. Filmmakers have the opportunity to submit their films through Films can be registered in three categories – the Beauty of Nature, Central European Films and Short Films – and will compete for five prestigious monetary EKOFILM awards. This year, for the first time, there will be a small submission fee, the proceeds of which will go towards the PRIZE MONEY for the winners of EKOFILM. The 45th annual festival will take place in Brno from 10–12 October under the motto Nature – Our Heritage.

For the competition part of the festival, the programmers will select the 25 best films, which will compete for awards not only within the three categories, but also for the EKOFILM President's Award and the Grand Prix – the festival’s grand prize of the Minister of the Environment. In order to convert that quantity into even greater quality, we have decided to modify the submission process. There will be a registration fee of $17 for each film, the proceeds of which will go to the winners of each category.

"The debate on nature conservation, its pitfalls and its significance, is becoming increasingly intense, and it seems that the problems in this area are not really declining. I am convinced that this film festival has traditionally been able to bring to this debate many new ideas, incentives and fresh views from around the world. The films are capable of discovering the beauty as well as the problems of nature, imagining and suggesting solutions, and presenting them to a wide audience." 

Ladislav Miko, president of the IFF EKOFILM


27. 2. 2019