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4. 12. 2020

Let's watch films online!

Thanks to MALL.TV

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25. 11. 2020

EKOFILM 2020 will take place, most of the films will be available online

Screenings in the cinemas with audiences were stopped by the declaration of the State of emergency

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26. 9. 2020

Official spot of the 46th EKOFILM IFF

SPECIAL OFFER! Free tickets to EKOFILM for the first 10 million visitors.

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25. 9. 2020

This year’s EKOFILM is still counting on screenings, but the accompanying program will be streamed

Fans of the EKOFILM environmental film festival can begin preparing for a feast of film.

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3. 9. 2020

The award-winning film Honeyland and Kapitán Demo are coming to EKOFILM

The preparations for the ecological film festival are drawing to a close

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24. 8. 2020

Let's meet a member of film jury: Lucie Zedníčková

Actress, prezenter and owner of the theatre association Zlom vaz

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21. 8. 2020

Let's meet a member of film jury: Jan E. Svatoš

Movie director, photographer and a winner of two special awards of Special Jury Award

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19. 8. 2020

Let's meet a member of film jury: Karel Stibral

Head of the Department of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University, Brno, aesthetician and historian of the natural sciences

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12. 8. 2020

Let's meet a member of film jury: Blažena Hušková

An author, implementor and consultant on a range of projects

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6. 8. 2020

Let's meet a member of film jury: Martin Čech

A Czech cameraman, documentarian and Český lev prize holder.

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5. 8. 2020

Share your views on sustainable consumption and win attractive prizes

Do you like competitions and care about how consumption is impacting our civilisation? Come along and discuss your own consumption in front of others!

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2. 8. 2020

46th EKOFILM IFF presents dramaturgical team

Let's read few information about dramaturgical team – experts who with a professional eye, but also sensitivity, shape the film screenings every year. Let’s meet EKOFILM’s dramaturges briefly.

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2. 8. 2020

46th EKOFILM IFF for schools: Let's go with your pupils To the Forest With Hubert or the educational show SMOKEMAN’s Secrets of Energy

The 46th EKOFILM IFF has prepared two special fun educational programmes for schools – the educational show SMOKEMAN’s Secrets of Energy and To the Forest With Hubert, delivering screenings and notable guests. Capacity is limited and admission is free!

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30. 7. 2020


Love nature and like to photograph it? The 46th EKOFILM IFF announces a holiday photo competition!

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25. 6. 2020

133 films from 39 countries have entered the 46th EKOFILM IFF! Again, the viewers have much to look forward to this year.

Every year, the EKOFILM festival, which has long been organised and financed by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, opens up some of the current environmental topics of the present. This year, the topic is sustainable consumption.

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16. 2. 2020


Don't hesitate and submit your movie!

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