Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2021

Let's introduce festival sections

Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature competition section discovers and recalls the diversity of our nature. Every year, it presents films from diverse areas of the planet and current social themes that belong on the silver screen. The films in this section point to the fact that we have to pay attention to nature and take care of it wherever it needs it, so that we can hand its beauty on to the next generations.

Central European Films

A section focused on issues that weigh on the minds of Central European artists. It doesn't only present "domestic" issues but is increasingly turning to the rest of the world. It shows that no problems are ours alone – they can also affect people on the other side of the planet. The section not only provides an up-to-date portrait of the environment but also shows the positive approach of people around the world who are actively attempting to change the course of society and shape the outlooks of those around them.

Short Films

The Short Films section offers a wide range of perspectives on environmental issues and themes from all corners of the world – from India to Israel to Kenya to the USA. The selection of playful, inspirational and up-to-date short documentary or animated films entertain with attitude and aptness.

1. 9. 2021