Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2017

Introducing of film dramaturgy

Petr Horák is a founder of the successful iShorts project, which promotes short films. In the Czech Republic he produced three feature films, one series, and several commercials. He studied and worked in Los Angeles and London. He loves to travel and take Polaroid pictures.

Jakub Košťál likes nature and vegetables in particular. Česká televize nurtured him and now, he paddles his own canoe and his heart beats for k-pictures production company. He devotes to both short and feature films, series, jingles, sports, and co-organizes iShorts showcase. He wishes that the movies educate and entertain.

Petr Koubek is currently in the fifth year of Screenwriting at FAMU, where he collaborated on several student short films. Outside of school, he worked on television series for Czech Televisi­on, Nova, and Barrandov Television, and several commercials. His medium length screenplay Lib verda, received the RWE award, but it never got made. His communication skills and impertinence made him an editor of the Czech Television film journal, Film 2015, and he is a head of the iShorts program.

Jiří Žák is a student of combined English philology and motion picture studies at Univerzita Palackého in Olomouc. He pursues the branches in his profession as well, e.g. in cooperation with Academia Film Olomouc, Noir Film Fest, or Letní filmová škola festivals. After-school activities include leading of Po škole student theatre company, which devotes to social projects in addition to staging of original dramas.

Veronika Eva Chvátalová is a postgraduate student at School of Environmental Studies of MU. She balances the immersion into research of risks of GMO plants with the lightness of dance with overlap to environmental themes, last time in Tanec pro vodu. She develops her relation to nature in addition to academic knowledge with being enjoyments in the country and site-specific activities and inactivities.

22. 8. 2017