Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2017

Introducing of film jury

Rudolf Švaříček is a director of LIVINGSTONE travel office, the head and heart of GO KAMERA festival, presenter, organizer of exhibitions and globetrotter, who managed to perform extraordinary performance in the research of extreme areas, as well as many successful expeditions. In particular, he devotes to the areas of isolated ethnic groups.

Staffan Widstrand is a famous Sweden-based photographer with many international prestigious awards. He is today a National Geographic Explorer and Nikon Ambassador. His photographs and 17 published books, all about subjects connected to nature, tourism, indigenous peoples, and travel, have made him the recipient of many international awards and accolades.

Mikuláš Huba is a protector of environment, scientist, and university teacher. He works with the Institute of Geography of Slovak Academy of Sciences. Together with Erazim Kohák he became the first laureate of Cena Josefa Vavrouška. One of the most significant founder of Slovak environmental movement.

Andrew Hoffman is an American scientist and university teacher who focuses on environmental issues and sustainable business. He wrote a lot of expert books that have made him the recipient of many awards. The festival will ceremonially present a Czech translation of his “How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate”.

Karel Stibral is an aesthetician, historian of natural sciences and university teacher, who deals with mutual relationships of the culture and nature, in particular history of aesthetical and artistic attitude to landscape, and in development of the environmental thinking with respect to the history of culture and natural sciences. He works with the Department of Environmental Studies of FSS MU.

Martin Čech is a director of photography and documentarian who participated in several features. In 1999, he was awarded Český lev award as the director of photography of Kuře melancholik. He made his mark in the documentary Kristova léta, dámy...

David Sís is a director, who makes motion pictures, television programs, spots, and video clips for Czech and foreign interprets. He was awarded at international festivals for his motion pictures Malčik and Hat-rick.

Jan Svatoš is a documentarian who shot over 10 documentaries. The most successful are triple-awarded “Africa obscura” and “divoČINY” documentaries. He nurtures long-term cooperation with Česká televize and Český rozhlas.

Blažena Hušková pursues in protection of environment and landscape, co-founded and managed Nadace pro Jizerské hory, and she had been a member of Nadace Partnerství board for over 20 years. She is the author, organizer, and consultant of many projects at the interface of protection of nature and landscape, education, and development of in particular rural areas.

22. 8. 2017