Ministry of the Environment

Ekofilm 2020

EKOFILM 2020 will take place, most of the films will be available online

Fans of films about the environment will be able to watch most of the competition films of the 46th edition of the EKOFILM festival online. They will find them from December 4th to December 7th on the website thanks to the support of the internet TV service MALL.TV. After intensive negotiations, the organizers of EKOFILM have been able to secure all necessary licenses for the majority of the competition films. The film festival will thus take place, although the state of emergency that was prolonged until December 12th suspended all public film screenings. The already postponed film screenings should have happened this Friday and Saturday, November 27th and 28th, in Brno, but cinemas have to remain closed.

"The main priority at the moment is stopping the epidemic. We nevertheless didn't want to give up on the festival and its films. The main theme of this year's edition – the sustainable consumption – is even more topical today. It is exactly right now when many services have been limited that we have the opportunity to think about our consumption. EKOFILM will make most of its competition films available online, so we can gain inspiration for solutions that will not be dependent on disposable products and packaging. Filmmakers from the whole world sent in their films full of inspiring ideas and recommendations on how to handle our consumption in the sustainable way, and both them and the audience deserve that the films be streamed notwithstanding the difficult times," says the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic Richard Brabec.

How will online streaming work? You will find all those films that got approval to be streamed online on the individual pages of those films. It is entirely up to you when you watch them - you can watch one on Friday during breakfast, another to enjoy Saturday night and one on Monday during your lunch break.

25. 11. 2020